Not the Singularity You Were Expecting — Rona’s Sleazy Sleastak Sleight-of-Hand Davos Card Game

An Exercise in Trash Panda Theory.

Voila, nous avons tous les produits du Cauchemar: Humanized Mices! Trash panda armies of the night! Fauxian Bargains! Ring-wraiths, Dwarf-Lords, Palantirs! Ahrimanic 8th Sphere AI. Sneaky Globalizers. Pandemic Sleight of Hand. DNA Central Dogma in the Darkness Binds Them…? Cultural Fugue State. And more…!

Myth – story that can be neither proven nor disproven


is a MYTH.

Yet, it exists, everywhere, in different doses.

It has no capital dome. No army. No secret service. No police. No identifiable headquarters. No obvious public squares. Yet, it’s out there.


The NATURE of the soul is plenty debatable, even among religionists, mystics, and esotericists.

It’s conceivable that at some point, physics may escape the grip of the current academic paradigm and find a frame in which something like “Soul-Stuff” becomes visible (cf Matti Pitkannen’s TopoMetroGeoDynamics (TGD), one possible example, that envisages “magnetic flux tubes” accompanying all organisms and genetic material).

Perhaps a few of the players of the Bio-Security State even still have religiosity and are seeking some mutant/hybrid approach.

Or maybe they were all occult “Demon-Worshippers” all along, and only PRETENDED to be atheistic — as would be the line from a fundamentalist Christian, perhaps.

Summoning Ahriman & the Eight Sphere to take form … as an AI? A denizen of the Metaverse?

Could this be why atheists and academics don’t seem to perceive the monstrosity of what is underway with the same clarity and intensity as Believers?

Kirby / New Gods

The (mythic) inner logic of the (mythic) Bio-Security State:

The ability to control genomes “to Live Forever” — which is to say, personality survival, at all costs — is almost one and the same as the ability to use genomics to terminate life, remotely, and at scale (human, and that of any other species).

Keep it in mind in trying to sort through competing explanations of “What Is Really Going On.”

“Keep your eyes on the prize.”

Personality survival, because that remains an implicit assumption of what seems to be, on its surface, a militantly atheistic — some would call it, “Luciferian”, and definitely PROMETHEAN — endeavour.

Those who hold the keys to the process — “the Anti-Life Equation” — are the de-facto High Priests of the new society of the twenty first century.

(If so, by that analogy, who are the cardinals, bishops and Pope? Or is there simply a formative ruling episcopal council — would that be the WEF? Or are we still at the level of not fully consensed, jostling networks and clubs? Did the modern day equivalent of the Nicean Council for the trans-humanists already take place, or is it yet to come? Which sub-doctrines and which factions will be eliminated, and which will prevail? Is Klaus Schwab merely a PR front-guy? Gates and Fauci merely money handlers set up to take the heat?)

Miyazaki / Ghibli / Nausicaa

What are they playing with in the billion-dollar “SAPs” — Special Access Programs — of the aerospace/biodef complex — presumably the directors and program managers there are some of the true power holders we will never see nor hear of.

Whatever deals and dialogues are going on, we have to guess at by reading between the lines. (Aka “conspiracy theory.”)

The vast mass of humanity doesn’t have a seat at this table.

At least, not a nice neat reservation card.

But maybe a wild card.

The ability to control genomes “to Live Forever” — which is to say, personality survival, at all costs — is almost one and the same as the ability to use genomics to terminate life, remotely, and at scale (human, and that of any other species).

Kirby / New Gods

Yet the non-members of the Club, in their unwashed billions, must count as a hugely volatile variable in the cold sweet visionscapes of this Emerging Bio-Security State as it takes shape, like Ring Wraiths emerging from the fear-fog of Covid / Lockdown / mRNA Vaccine / VaxxPass.

Billions of individual humans who don’t share the “refined tastes” of the technocratic, let’s say trans-humanist elite. (Technocracy does not 100% have to equal trans-humanism.)

Billions of humans with access to the Internet. The ability of information to be shared laterally at high speed.

But equally soon to be signed up for the Internet of Bodies, if they/we accept “the Cheese.” (Continually “boosted,” ie augmented because depleted immune systems, UBI checks, who knows what other carrots will be deployed to elicit compliance?)

We have to view the expanse of power granted and supervised by people like Fauci through his annual multi-billion R&D budgets, as central to the formation of this new type of state / non-state apparatus and coercive system / ideology.

#BioPower, as Foucault dubbed it.

#StateofException, per Agamben.

Of course the agencies are structured all around “securing” “health”, but 99% through biomedical interventions, whether devices or pharmaceuticals, “Rockefeller Medicine” as its been called.

Or soft gizmos that “go under the skin,” if not mixed into today’s vaccine batches at random, easily implemented tomorrow.

Those who hold the reins over a zoo of designed and GMO’d/GOF’d pathogens and their “counter-measures” and diagnostics, a zoo that can be released, hacked, synthesized, switched on and off and tweaked against demographic targets at whim, hold an —




— over the rest of humanity, including all its competing nation-states and competing bodies.

Blackmail is maybe even still too crude a word for it.

This a power beyond that of nuclear weapons.

Sauron only wishes.

And it’s possible that that blackmail position over and above all existing conflicts is a source of rationalization / justification for the newly minted priests bishops and popes, barons and lords who are implanted in regional politics and industries – for example, the WEF Young Leaders group that was just ID’d as playing a pivotal role in Covid policy implementation around the world.

The Art of the Nudge.

Some of them, for example, maybe realizing the level of insane power and risk at play, perhaps made what they see as a conscientious, intentional decision to try to “nudge” this emergent Bio-Security State in a “fairer, kinder, less completely totalitarian” direction. Maybe that is actually part of their thought process, in perceiving a kind of inevitability to the whole thing.

In fact “IT” — the basic move of the BioSecurity State — represents the ultimate act of stealing Fire from the Gods:

“IT” holds a power over the entire biosphere, although so far the biomedical and agricultural sides of extreme biotech are operating in somewhat distinct spheres (though they share similar tech and a common body of knowledge, and are being deployed according to the same corporate profit logic.)

But does it?

Maybe It only thinks It does.

It is in fact not even necessary for this rising Cyber-Frankenstein-State to ooze into the outward shape of a nation-state or government.

Maybe It will only be publicly visible as a “Consultative Body of Experts,” but one to which all governments must bow, in the end. Or else. (See the new WHO initiative to make all local governments subservient to WHO-declared Pandemic policies.)

Those are arguably outmoded social forms once technology with the merger of AI, neural interfaces and Extreme Bio have substantially coalesced (both pragmatically and as a network of tightly collaborating experts and projects, and pragmatically as a set of techs), and maybe science-fictionally, as an emergent artificial intelligence awareness or silicon/bio hybrid quasi-being that is complex and self-directing enough to be more than just “tech” but still less than biologically sentient, feeling & autonomous. Speculating freely here.

Kirby / New Gods

Deletion or addition of telomeres that partly regulate ageing is probably only one very obvious and crude mechanism. The new hypothesis for SARS2 / mRNA transfection methods is that they induce advanced cell senescence, implicating telomeres (Walter Chestnut @parsifaler).

If this turns out to be at least partly correctly, unfortunately it supports the nasty suspicion that some kind of a “depopulation” program may be underway, whether overt democide or a slow demographic, actuarial culling of the “least productive, weakest, most expensive to maintain”? Not nice.

The Depop Meme is equally hard to prove and hard to disprove, let’s call it a mythic construct of the populist resistance to machinations of the mythic BioSecurity State.

Of course telomeres by themselves are only one function in what must be a hypercomplex set of factors in what Mae Wan Ho called the actual “Fluid Genome” — in distinction to the assortment of reductive “engineering” approaches and their residual adherence to the Central Dogma of DNA (even if they go beyond it in practice) that so far mostly characterize mainstream biotech and synthetic biology approaches to infinitely complex biology.

Mae Wan Ho unfortunately died just a couple years before Covid hit, her insights into the inner workings of the virus and the biotech corporate community. As with Kary Mullis, coincidentally?


then biowarfare of a future kind –

less intended to kill large numbers outright

or dysfunctionalize a defined opposing force in 20C trenches–

but to terrify, disorient and cripple social systems and entire civilian populations, to instantiate a fundamental phase shift in global humanity — inaugurating a new attractor in which the (assumed, reductive) parameters have been predefined by the makers,

from a rights-based system to a permissionary model – your access to anything is contingent on checking certain boxes

…. but unlikely they were wise enough to anticipate structural blowback, “2nd force” in 4th Way terms, and the full dimensions of 4D chaos…

(or is it a cephalopodean AI simply trying to comprehend humanismos?)

Is it obvious that trans-humanist / singularitarian ideology is only the latest stage in the promethean project of Enlightenment secret societies (a topic requiring much further unpacking), and builds on the the core of eugenics (dispensing with some of the more overtly Nazi-like statements that can get people into trouble these days).


The ability to control genomes “to Live Forever” — which is to say, personality survival, at all costs — is almost one and the same as the ability to use genomics to terminate life, remotely, and at scale (human, and that of any other species).

As one sub-study, let’s take the CoronaViridae family, viewed as a “Platform Technology” according to Dr. JC Couey’s recent videos. SARS2 was anything but a “totally novel” virus. In fact, huge amounts of research have gone into study and manipulating the CoV family of viruses for at least 20 years, and supposedly there exist dozens or hundreds of patents around spike proteins – including Moderna.

Think about the analogy to “platforms” in the software/hardware space, like, say, iPhone and Android, or Windows OS. There is the platform, and many apps can be developed on top of the platform.

CoVs are a desirable tool because most of them have “low immunogenicity” – they provoke little or no immune reaction. So bio-engineers tinker with them as potential delivery vehicles for a variety of “solutions” and experiments.

This endless tinkering by dozens of labs around the world, and the incentive to keep aspects of that work secret for patent purposes, leaves open myriad escape and / or intentional release vectors, by multiple parties.

(And the scenario that has been almost 100% overlooked, is that of a non-state actor tapping into or somehow enabling the release of the SARS2 virus into Wuhan – whether by resynthesizing it from scratch based on digitized genomes, or by having a plant inside some BSL lab in Wuhan, or by breaking in. Which leaves open the question of who that might be…)

In the latest scenario, advocated by @UndergroundJadedCourtLady, SARS2 is actually a Live Attenuated Virus intended to work as an aerosolized, self-spreading vaccine, possibly designed to be a pan-coronavirus solution, and/or targeted to prevent AIDS (of which there happens to be a lot in PRC).

As it turns out, the recently leaked PREFUSE DARPA grant proposal from EcoHealth Alliance has language that almost exactly echoes that thesis.

What’s the takeaway?

That there is no line anymore between biodefense and biowarfare and “beneficial biopharma product design” and “basic research.”

The bio-engineers tread back and forth over the line with their GOF work so habitually and compulsively that they maybe don’t even know where they are anymore. The boundaries are fuzzy if nonexistent. It’s all the same tinkering / finagling, “in search of more knowledge, more control.”

Kirby / New Gods

The Anti-Life Equation.

Really this is the endgame for a quest for ever greater control over the environment that began with humans’ ability to control fire.

Maybe that’s not saying anything new or original, OK.

And maybe, just maybe, we should thank SARS2COVID and all the manipulations and deceit and madness around it for giving us the chance to really look our Cyber-Frankenstein State clearly in the face, in the light of day, …

… and have a broad, ongoing conversation about whether this is really somewhere we want to go.

Is there time to block or disable the emergence of this State of Bio-In-Security, or is it already a done deal?

Have the power holders of the world already agreed among themselves, that this is their security system – being able to blackmail everybody.

Certainly embedded biomedical sensors and digital monitoring gizmos tied to each individual identity, represent some kind of *final solution* for those who hold the reins of the infrastructure.

If it’s not too late, then we need to bring EVERYONE — not just the managerial middle & upper middle classes — into a wide open dialogue on how to dial down the risks & manage the possible benefits of what is already upon us.

The ability to control genomes “to Live Forever”

— which is to say, personality survival, at all costs —

is almost one and the same as the ability to use genomics

to terminate life, remotely, and at scale

(human, and that of any other species).]

The old politics of resource allocation, credits, … recedes in face of this.

Are you up for the game?

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