Civilization & Planet-Killers, a Short & Mutable List

1. Cascading ecosystem degradation from deforestation, overfishing, habitat destruction of insects and birds, etc. Pollutants in waterways including synthetic fertilizer loads and wipeout of invisible microbial and microrrhyzal ecosystems over large regions of monocrop ag, too many EM frequencies everywhere, too much Navy sonar in the ocean, all totalled up into one big frikkin mess. Probably survivable by humanity, but plenty of biospheric losses along the way. Tipping points. Boundaries. Happening Now at your local HomeWorld.

2. Solar mass eruption / ejection / major flare “Bull’s Eye” – shutting down all global communications and power grids, substations, frying most electronics and erasing databases? Rare but potentially civilization ending, this is a regular and proven empirical phenomenon, it’s just a question of whether the eruption is directly facing the Earth or not — Carrington Event 1859 — see new pop summary here and source at SpaceWeather Journal. Also see our past post on Solar Micro-Novas (still an Outsider Hypothesis).

Via Max Planck Observatory - Solar Flares / CMEs
ESA/NASA/SOHO Max Planck Inst

Original drawings by Carrington of Sunspots correlated
Carrington, original sketches of the Sun-spots correlated with the big Event.

2. War w artificial (as opposed to solar) Electro-Magnetic Pulses (EMPs), military shutdown of Internet, and Weather Engineering – Effects similar to above, but driven by geopolitical competition. Latter part hard to differentiate from “Climate Chaos.”

4. Out of control self-replicating GMO / nanotech experiments

5. Warming over the next few decades from increased anthropogenic GHGs w other ancillary climate disruptions. Climate winners and losers, greater or lesser migration, disruption to economies, etc. “Mass starvation” (as hyped by #XR et al) more likely to come from #1, die-offs of pollinators.

6. Direct asteroid impact on the scale of what seems to have brought on the Younger Dryas Event c 12,500BC, whether a single large impact or multiple smaller ones over the same time window… See new impact research here.

7. Killer robots & drones, …

8. Zombies (just because)…