Electricity, Water, Life, & the Cosmos (Videos)

Latest provocative physics speculations from Eugene Bagashov of the Thunderbolts crowd, never at a loss for wild new ideas.

This one caught our attention because it links the Water Structure research of Dr. Gerald Pollack & company to more macro-scale dynamics. Via Thunderbolts:

Within the electric universe community, water’s electrical properties and their relationship to the structure of water is a subject of great interest and growing research. At past Thunderbolts project conferences, Dr. Gerald Pollack has presented his thesis on structured water, and the apparent relationship between water’s electrical charge, its intermolecular structure, and its surrounding environment. Pollack has proposed what he describes as “EZ water”, an “exclusion zone” of water which has a negative charge. A new scientific paper may lend credence to these notions, and if valid, could have ramifications reaching well beyond the earth and life sciences, affecting all of cosmology. In this episode, physicist Eugene Bagashov introduces the controversial research to The Thunderbolts Project audience and begins outlining the important questions the paper may raise.

Referenced paper:
How Water’s Properties Are Encoded in Its Molecular Structure and Energies

In the previous episode, physicist Eugene Bagashov introduced us to potentially groundbreaking scientific research into the influence of electrical charge on the properties and behaviors of water. The recently published paper states that the electric charge of water influences: its ultraviolet absorption spectrum; its mechanical behavior; the behavior of water solutions; its surface tension; its interaction with polymers; and its freezing temperature. Today, Eugene offers an extensive thought-provoking analysis on the possible vast implications for this research in our Electric Universe.