Is SARS2 Itself a Vaccine? Emergent Hypothesis from #DRASTIC-adjacent Twitterer(s)

Everybody was right and everybody was wrong. Maybe. A new disprovable sub-hypothesis of #Lab-Leak is now on the table. Upshot: don't take crappy overhyped mRNA vaccines against a Live Attenuated Virus Vaccine.

#LabLeak Gets Down to Business thx to @Ducky68257909, an anonymous Twitter poster.

SARS2 is a result of a lab experiment to make a T-cell activator vaccine in the form of a “live attenuated virus”, probably against SARS1 or pan-CoronaVirus.

In other words, Red Army wanted a vaccine for their troops in case “Some Enemy” might use a SARS1 virus against them (or in case they planned to use it against someone else, equally, but wanted to protect their own people — “Dual Use”).

@Ducky68257909 “Billboard” #1 for the T-Cell LAV Hypothesis

Extrapolating out from the technical details, that would account for:

  • #LabLeak broadly – taking place in and around Wuhan, 1000+ miles from where most genetically similar viruses were discovered, yet not a single regional animal out of tens of thousands has tested positive for SARS2;
  • Sudden intervention of Red Army biodef upper-ranks in WIV lab shortly after the outbreak in 2019, shut down of reporting, filtering of bioscience communication;
  • Panicked responses in Wuhan (EXTREME LOCKDOWN) because they had some idea what it might have been, or knew exactly;
  • Panicked responses by Fauci Two-Tongue and his personal Round Table of Pet Virology Grantees (Daszak, Andersen, Baric, et al) and Gates Fdn Stand-ins (J Farrar / Wellcome Trust — yes that is an unsubstantiated allegation – go digging) who huddled up to figure out whether it was in fact bioengineered and what they would do about it if so, because they knew this was BOUND TO HAPPEN SOONER OR LATER because of all the GOF projects they were involved in, and then demonize any public discussion of that possibility, tarring it as “conspiracy theory”;
  • Relation of the virus to biowarfare, as so many have suspect / claimed (Li Meng Yan), BUT NOT NECESSARILY AN OFFENSIVE BIOWEAPON;
  • So US / 5 Eyes / Feds (multiple intel agencies) & coterie of experts KNEW it was bioengineered but presumably didn’t know exactly how or which project it was.
  • Since it was a PLA biodef program it was probably / possibly unknown to Shengli Zhi as well. So she may actually be sincere, but was forced to cover up some details by her PLA superiors or lose her head (ie missing databases and other opacities around Mojiang Miners, etc);
  • Not having yet a precise analysis, Fauci & his Round-Table put in personal phone calls to top science mags (Nature/Springer would be a guess as to who was at the top of that list!), governors and public health directors and politicians (SAGE UK), telling them to batten down for the worst, ie Shelter in Place, Lockdown, Masking, Distancing, blablabla. (“Hey, Why not test all the crazy ideas we had lying around, let’s see what we can get the populace to go along with if we scare the bejeezus out of them”). (Meanwhile some of those Congress-people immediately went to their investment advisors with the info, and rewired their stock portfolios to benefit from the coming boondoogle of digital everything);
  • They also saw the prime opportunity to get their fave new blingey tech miracle mRNA platform thru the regulatory barrier that it had not been able to surmount in DOZENS of previous trials; and make shit-tons of profit in the process, with the potential for an endless series of booster-shots, and treatments for the side-effects of the booster-shots; and beyond that, potentially an unlimited guaranteed future market in the 10-100s of billions, deriving from the push to mandate universal adult vaccine schedules tied to vaxx passports;
  • Lastly, an engineered T-Cell activator EXPLAINS why most people w robust immune systems (young, fit people) just deal with it like a minor cold at worst; why people w weaker immune systems and various specific genetic conditions or microbiome issues are taken down with it (older, bad diet, diabetes, obesity, heart issues); and may ultimately account for various features of long-covid and other weird, paradoxical behaviors of COVID.

So, to summarize, without getting into the genetics details, Ducky et al’s “T-Cell LAV” thesis seems to be a very precisely formulated, technically informed argument.

That is what is needed amid the array of fuzzy & overlapping sub-hypotheses, something specific enough to derive some predictions and tests.

If the hypothesis were to stand up to some testing, it could give very precise ideas about symptoms and further treatment approaches. So it’s not just an “academic question.”

“Jaclyn Hord” seems to be the human behind the @ducky account, but info about ‘her’ is not easily findable; she describes herself as “ex-pharma,” and mentions she is doing further “work on the t-cell activation site QTNSPRRAR.”


Practical upshot: if any of that makes sense and gives Ms. Hord aka Ducky any extra credibility:

  • predicts that: “There is going to be an incredible shortage of Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) for vaccine related injury. The supply is already low because blood donors have been in COVID isolation.”
  • believes that “If we accept the scam of mRNA vaccines for COVID, we will be subjected to never ending media advertising campaigns spreading fear of viruses and promoting the next, latest greatest unnecessary shot – until our immune systems are actually “SHOT.””
  • warned in June 2020 that using spike proteins in vaccines was dangerous and would lead to clotting;
  • jabbing kids is terrible;
  • likes HCQ and IVM
  • thinks masks don’t work.

Follow @Ducky68257909 on Twitter as well as the #DRASTIC hashtag to keep up with the rapidly evolving convo. HarvardtotheBigHouse / @harvard2H (who wrote some of the very first #LabLeak exposes, but was widely ignored by MSM journos, posted a version back on March 31, 2021) & @daoyu15, who collaborated on some of @limengyan’s papers, also promotes the hypothesis. @jjcouey star of GigaOhm Biological, the kickass Twitch show, seems to be a supporter as well.

After all this prime time coverage, where are the hordes of white coat critters seeking to shoot down the idea?

Vet the theory with your PhD genetics friends! Vet it with your immunology friends! Have a barbeque! Check back here for updates, or join the CVQs group on FB. For as long as it lasts 🙂

— Prof Twist, with editorial assistance from unnamed geese

Leaked email sent to Ducky and reposted on Twitter

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