MKULTRA Greatest Hits: Cracking Open the Vault on 149 Sub-Projects

The CIA got creative with its mad-scientist schemes to manipulate the mind & remotely control sleeper agents. They let the LSD genie out of the Sandoz lamp, then took a hard turn into a dystopian bad trip. Or, that's what we're meant to believe!

We were hoping to riff on a gameshow trope with the episode, but a couple of our sexier panelists @somethingdani & @zenkoal didn’t make it. Still, it may have been the best chapter thus far.

We specialize in Unknown Experts!

AC Whitelaw! Mike Shields! Xzorlock aka James Mathers! Yr Producer Guy Cor! & Research-Droid @Twystor!

A couple of the key insights:

Maybe a lot of the research experiments just didn’t work (Andrew).

Alternatively, what we can see in the list of 149 known sub-projects may only be the stuff that DIDN’T work.

In other words, maybe they kept secret the stuff that DID work.

We review 3 out of the 149, speculating wildly. Standard earthbound conspiracy researchers should be OK with the convo until about halfway.

After that, the ET Woo kicks in, bigtime.

Twystor has a pet hypothesis, not disclosed until the very end of the show.

Related, we propose that the ET Mantids harvest us two legged, three-brained beings mainly for… our music. No objections from the panel.

Mathers Looking like the Best Psychotronic Warlord from a Neighboring Timestream

Shields takes us on a digression into Project Mockingbird (technically not a MKUltra subproject but…) and the suspicious assassination of Mary Pinchot Meyer. Her husband Cord Meyer may have been the guy who disposed of the main MKUltra research docs, according to Shields.

Mathers invokes Hassan i Sabbah!

Mathers wraps it up on a prophetic note: We are facing either an evolutionary Wall. Or else a Bottleneck, in which what comes out the other side won’t look like the humans of today.

Correction: Mathers’ Up the Drone show is now scheduled for Dec 1, 2021, @corazon in Topanga CA. @wisdommathers on IG


List of 149 MKUltra Subprojects from the Book-keeping Records

MKUltra Researcher Jolyon West

The Poisoner in Chief, by Stephen Kinzer

In Search of the Manchurian Candidate, by John Marks

Acid Whorehouse https://franklinfurnace.contentdm.ocl

Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich, by Norman Ohler

Mary Pinchot Meyer

Operation Mockingbird

The Spirit Molecule by Rick Strassman

Hasan I Sabbah / The Hashisheen

CIA Delysid stash