‘Physicalist ET’ Paradigm Defended by Dolan in New Book?

“Did Aliens Fuck with Our Genome?” was for a while the tag-line for this lil blog full of fascinating yet useless questions :-).

The linked promo vid by Dolan for his forthcoming tome of speculation (as opposed to tome of primary scholarly research, his past thang in UFOs & the National Security State), starts off with essentially this question. Curiously enough. Referencing some weird-ass allele anomaly that we’ve never bumped into (basis for a possible future post?).

Personally, I/we lean more toward the Jacques Vallee “ultra-dimensional shape-shifting intelligence(s) intervening throughout history” scenario, but that’s not necessarily exclusive of other more physical bunches of beings coming and going, where to and where from, who knows….

So yeah, let’s call Dolan’s approach the “Physicalist ET” paradigm, basically a very wide assumption that lassos together the insane jamboree of UFO-ET reports out there.

And of course it’s the very same assumption that has dominated UFO research since, say, Ken Arnold’s sitings in the 40s.

Dolan knows the alternate Vallee and Keel cosmology perfectly well (and there are lesser known names these days who support it), but largely sidelines it in favor of different groups of more or less physical beings coming from other places (presumably star-systems, though Dolan often allows himself a fair amount of wiggle room, and to be totally fair he doesn’t seem to totally exclude “outside-the-laws-of-spacetime” dynamic either, at least in many of his recorded Youtube talks).

Also, Dolan must be on the receiving end of “insider intel” whispers that he can’t relay verbatim. No doubt that governmental-tinge is reflected in his theorizing here somehow, a transmitted bias? Look, Dolan is one of the better scholarly analysts of the UFO Mystery out there, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect.

Our hunch, fwiw, is that the biggest secret is the Government is terrified of something beyond it’s reach, beyond it’s comprehension. Beyond it’s control.

UFOs and Death.

Death and UFOs.

Two things the best technocrats can’t conquer?

Look forward to reading the bookiewook.

As for the question we started with, it’s kind of a joke. “Did Aliens Fuck with Our Genome?” (Asked offhandedly by a friend, on a hike.) … more on that later…

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  1. Jack Heart

    2020, December at 6:26 pm

    I too favor the Jacques Vallee “ultra-dimensional shape-shifting intelligence, as it most closely aligns with my reality tunnel. BTW, I attended a very intriguing talk given by Dolan, concerning the near-future merger of AI technologies and Disclosure.
    My take-away was that Dolan has a very nuanced understanding of what “Contact” may mean for humanity… especially the 99%

  2. neelu_editor

    2020, December at 5:24 am

    Hey Jack, I was just thinking about you guys, & mentioned yr site to someone. Glad you saw this & staid in touch!

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