Solar Micro-Nova in 2046?

New theory says the sun explodes every 12,000 years and causes havoc on Earth. Are we ready for the next round?

Apocalyptarians Rejoice!

Dec 21, 2012 may have come and gone, but fear not, we have a new End-Time date: October 10, 2046.

Says Doug Vogt, an independent research-guy wielding a new ‘kitchen-sink’ Meta-Theory. A grand synthesis — or a hopeless jumble? — of Electric Universe / Plasma Cosmology, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch, Charles Hapgood, the Mayan Calendar, the Torah(!), magnetic field flips, and cyclical catastrophism. Kaboom.

SuspiciousObservers provides the pop explication in “Earth Catastrophe Cycle” on YT (Parts I and II linked here and further down).

So, yeah, the core thesis is intriguing.

The sun is said to explode every 12,000 years, in not-quite-a-nova, but more-than-a-Coronal-Mass-Ejection, spewing out all kinds of energy/radiation, and other solid or quasi-solid ‘ejecta’. (AKA Solar fart / solar burp hypothesis?) Some of that stuff scorches our homeworld and pockmarks the surface, inducing all manner of chaos. BTW, the biggest Coronal Mass Ejection we know of was the “Carrington Event” in the late 19th century. It fried telegraph wires all over the world. Smaller ‘direct hit’ CMEs can take out satellites, induce overloads in the power grid, & affect electronics generally. Luckily most CMEs don’t happen to be in our direction.

The explosion coincides with both a solar and Terran magnetic pole-reversal, and/or change in rotation of the Earth, and/or a geological pole-shift, or some combination of all the above.

Right now, it’s a fact that the Sun is entering a”‘quiet” sunspot phase – another ‘Maunder Minimum’, possibly.

We also know that the Earth’s magnetic pole is dwindling in strength and moving faster and faster – preparing to shutdown and flip, as the geological record demonstrates.

Both facts give Vogt’s hypothesis a certain ‘resonance,’ at first glance. And Vogt suggests that the Earth’s magnetic field is ‘slaved’ to the Sun’s. I’m not sure mainstream planetary researchers would agree.

Look, cool / crazy catastrophist theories are a dime a dozen. Currently alternative archeology gurus Robert Schoch and Graham Hancock are enjoying a heated debate as to what destroyed ‘Atlantis’ – a rain of meteorites large and small – or a solar plasma outburst? Data exists supporting both sides. Just a few weeks ago, we saw the discovery of a huge impact crater under the Greenland ice, tentatively dated to around 10K BC. Which certainly seems to support Hancock’s “Impactor” scenario – but doesn’t necessarily rule out the solar burst favored by Schoch, either. Meanwhile, the Electric Universe/Plasma Cosmology crowd have done their best to reclaim Velikovsky from oblivion, and have gained a lot of ground showing the prevalence of high energy electromagnetic plasmas throughout the cosmos, at all scales. They’ve also proposed the sun is ‘fed’ by intergalactic plasma currents – which, presumably, have their own pulsings, which might support the idea of clock-like solar outbursts. Mainstream astronomy is beginning to admit that the planets may not always have held their current positions, and that plasma is indeed a powerful cosmological force. Two of Velikovsky’s key claims.

Obviously this dating points straight to the end of the last ice age, which is still unexplained, including the Younger Dryas hyper-fast warming and cooling event, rise of sea-levels by 300-400 feet, tsunamis of ice, mud and sludge rolling across the NorthWest, vast killing fields of animal life, flash-frozen mammoth herds, and other fun factoids familiar to fans of Randall Carlson / GeoCosmicRex and other catastrophist research.

[Scholarly footnote: Gurdjieff had a name for this sort of thing: “Transapalnian Perturbations,” Cf All and Everything.]

Seeing as we are about 12,000 years out from the last Ice Age, the question becomes, are due for another one of these bursts?

At first glance, it seems to weave together a lot of disparate, anomalous data-points, …as good theories do.

Wrapped in all kinds of speculations and esoteric tangents, the original treatment of the model in Doug Vogt’s “Diehold Foundation” video series will probably lose most viewers right away. Don’t expect “Solar Micro-Nova” debates to show up any time soon in the pages of Nature or Science.

And — you knew it — there’s a “Conspiracy” element to the story. Vogt claims DOD scientists figured this out the late 40s, then kept it quiet. He cites a book on Arctic aerial exploration, World in Peril (Siple & White, printed 1994, but first written around 48?), containing three “out-of-place” papers on geomagnetic reversals and earth cataclysms, sandwiched between more prosaic content.

6 geomagnetic reversals on a 12K year beat were identified and linked to crustal displacement cataclysms – a variant on Charles Hapgood’s theory proposed later in the 1950s. One of the papers opines that the implications are so extreme and disturbing that “it would not be in the interest of the public to release the data.” (In his video coverage, Ben Davidson / SuspiciousObservers highlights a few passages from these papers, but nobody has done us the favor of simply scanning the articles and posting PDFs, so we can see for ourselves.)

Vogt also cites another book recently de-classified by the CIA, The Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas, which allegedly contains a version of the same concept. (But reads like shit, FWIW.) The World in Peril book looks more intriguing. Amazon UK has one copy for 470 pounds. GoogleScholar doesn’t seem to have it either. (Was the book actually classified though, or did it simply show up in the recently released dump of declassified CIA docs — one could ask? Just because it was on some CIA analyst’s reading list doesn’t mean it was actually classified and suppressed.)

Also, the narrative vaguely resonates with an average duration of Inter-Glacials (warming phases) around 10-12K years. But the Ice Ages themselves have widely varying lengths – they are not interrupted every 12K years in some kind of metronome beat. Having followed climate debates, I haven’t seen such a 12,000 year cycle min Vostok & other Ice Cores.

All that is suggestive.

But — is this sweeping new meta-theory from Mr. Vogt disprovable, as the skeptical-sciencey crowd would say? Does it ascend to the level of a formal scientific hypothesis? Or is it just a morass of mushy woolly speculation?

What evidence would contradict it? If it makes specific predictions, it could be disproved.

Or, like many emanations of the fringe, maybe it’s more like a framework or narrative (or ‘convention’), one that could still drive some useful learnings. Akin to the Gaia Hypothesis, or the hypothesis of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.

Given a scenario in which the Sun periodically throws off all kinds of matter, gas & plasma is core to the model – where is all that material now in the solar system, from the last explosion? It should be easy to calculate 12k years x an estimated velocity of thrown off solar-stuffs. Would it be visible? Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt?

Is this why the surface of Mars looks simply … shattered? A land of fractured pounded debris.

If true, it would also explain the extensive underground structures and tunnel systems found all the over the world – refuges from a surface catastrophe.

It might make sense out of the obsession of most ancient peoples with observing the sky.

Their fixation with building large astronomically-oriented structures out of massive stone blocks.

Is this where the missing $21 Trillion at the DOD has been going all this time? Is this what the #BreakawayCivilization is really up to? Is this why the Nazis were interested in the Antarctic? Wouldn’t the pole actually be the safest place to hideout from an event like this – as one commenter suggests in the YT video.

OK, drifting off into late-night hyper-speculation now…

This is probably a preliminary post, hopefully we’ll see some intelligent criticism from the Thunderbolts and alt.archaeo communities on this soon…


New episode of S.O.’s Earth Catastrophe Cycle

New Diehold video Part IV

Monster Solar Proton Storm in 660BC – Original Paper

New paper on Carrington Event 1859 in Journal of Space Weather,
Te m p o r a l a n d S p a t i a l E v o l u t i o n s o f a Large Sunspot Groupand Great Auroral Storms around the Carrington Event in 1859

Comments (21):

  1. Reginald Vernon

    2019, February at 10:00 am

    Most stars exist in binary systems with a companion star. Our Sun may have a binary companion too, a long period red dwarf star with its own attendant planetary system. There is evidence for this, so much so that its electromagnetic properties and orbit have been precisely described. There is no surprise to me that governments, keen to maintain order and economic activity, are not telling people about events to come which will cause widespread chaos.

  2. Nik Smith

    2019, February at 4:45 pm

    The SIMULATED Laser plasma Earth Shield can repel threats from space, and avert the rising blackouts (as in 15 US cities in April 2017) and explosion of all nuclear plants by the next solar superstorm, as we thankfully escaped in July 2012* * –
    9 months blackout!!!… Thankfully their nuclear plant was decommissioned in 1970. Even PBS alerts:
    Simulated laser plasma shield: Princeton, RochesterΝΥ, Michigan, New Hampshire. .
    30 super lasers already exist!

  3. Phillip Low

    2019, December at 9:35 pm

    I don’t by this idea that our government is suppressing evidence for an impending disaster. This is exactly what NASA is doing now almost weekly with their projections of civilization killing asteroids near flybys. But they have a budget to feed, don’t they.

  4. Bob

    2020, February at 7:02 pm

    Such a shame you included Randall and Graham in this.
    EU or Micro nova theories have no real evidence, lots of confused misunderstandings and lots of guesswork.
    The YDB layer has already been confirmed by many mainstream scientists as well that it corresponds to a cometary impact about 12800 years ago. Graham and Randall had nothing to do with the initial 2007 scientific paper proposing the younger dryas impact hypotheses.
    Even though they had been proposing this for years before this first paper.
    They were right. So to write about them and make it seem like they have dodgy theories and connect them with nonsense like EU or Nova jokes is not fair.

  5. neelu_editor

    2020, February at 3:02 am

    The micronova one is pretty weak, admittedly. But which part of EU has no evidence? So you don’t like Randall Carlson or Graham Hancock… say more… please….

  6. Lars Eek

    2020, May at 5:39 pm

    Doug Vogt is the real deal. The Earth will slow down and days will be longer than 24 hrs leading up to the nova. There’s your sign people!! Watch Douglas Vogt’s videos, he’s brilliant. Diehold Foundation is his non-profit.

  7. Taylor

    2020, July at 11:36 pm

    This write up is to de-ter anyone who hasn’t actually watched/read Douglas’ presentations. Douglas Vogt’s work is extremely thorough and is of benefit to everyone.

  8. Hawaiiguy

    2020, September at 5:15 pm

    Doug Vogt dots the Is and crosses the Ts, his citations are endless, he rarely says anything, or prints anything that doesn’t have a disturbing amount of sources from scientific papers going back hundreds of years. I’d add his citations of Dr Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos fame is a deal maker, his work on comparative plasma cosmology is astounding. Peratt is the heavyweight you want in your corner for “extreme theory”. My hats off to all mentioned above, aside from the Cia plant Hapgood, the rest have changed my entire paradigm and my friends, who once thought me crazy, now see just how powerful the electric/plasma/resonance universe actually is.

  9. okezone bola

    2020, December at 11:44 am

    Thanks for such a essential blog.

  10. Neil Wilkes

    2020, December at 12:00 pm

    You state above the following comment:
    (In his video coverage, Ben Davidson / SuspiciousObservers highlights a few passages from these papers, but nobody has done us the favor of simply scanning the articles and posting PDFs, so we can see for ourselves.)
    This is disingenuous in the extreme – all you need to do is what I did & go buy the book ‘World In Peril’ for yourself – it’s not hard to find.
    If you are referring to the Chan Thomas book, recently declassified by the CIA in ‘sanitized’ form (this is their (the CIA) description, not Ben or Douglas’ so again you are being lazy in the extreme as a mere 10 minutes with a good search engine will get you both the CIA release as well as the full, uncensored version. They are again not that difficult to find. In case you are all feeling lazy, here is the link to the CIA version:
    you will notice it is stamped ‘Declassified in Part – Sanitized copy approved for release’ and it is nothing like Hapgood’s Crustal Displacement book either (yes, I own a copy of that one too – as I will keep repeating these are not that difficult to find, as this stuff has been hidden in plain sight as after all the best place to hide a tree is in the forest and the intelligence agencies are well aware of this, given the statement by CIA director William Casey that “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

    Our Sun Novas on a repeat cycle – we have the evidence going back to the Apollo missions, where heavy elements like Al26 were found, amongst others, that can only be formed in Nova eruptions – but here’s the zinger – they must be local, because the half life is too short for them to have survived a trip through interstellar space. Local? Right – OUR STAR!

  11. neelu_editor

    2020, December at 5:21 am

    Hi Neil, thanks for the comment, I guess I was being lazy when I first wrote this post. I think I was referring to the big volume of polar observations that contains the chapter(s) about magnetic reversal data or whatever. I have to go back and re-read this post, Ben has done longer treatments of the whole thing now too. But if you have links to free PDFs of the relevant sources, send them, and I’ll add the links to the post.

  12. neelu_editor

    2020, December at 5:22 am

    De nada. Feel free to pass the URL around, we haven’t really done much social marketing yet.

  13. Jason

    2020, December at 12:38 am

    “Says Doug Vogt, an independent research-guy”

    Amazing article editor-guy, I definitely trust your thoughts on this.

  14. Pax

    2021, January at 11:52 am

    I’ve been obsessed with this solar micro nova theory for about a year now. It just seems to make a lot of sense and explains a lot of things. As time goes on it is getting proven more and more.

  15. maria Vargas

    2021, February at 10:34 pm

    Wait a min is a solar micronova a real thing yes or no?

  16. Dolores

    2021, March at 11:18 pm

    I’ve been listening a lot too to these theories, crustal displacement would explain why 2-3 miles of ice cover Chicago during glaciation periods. Ice cores reflect ice ages lasting about 80,000 years the past 1,000,000 years with interglacial periods lasting about 10,000-13,000 years. Either the ice cores are wrong or the theory that our sun novas every 12,000 is wrong. I do believe something happens bc these cores show we go in fast, and come out fast, like some kind of catastrophe occurs, and it’s cyclical. Whatever happens some kind of magnetic reversal is the trigger. As for the rotation stopping. I don’t think so bc w/ out crustal displacement we’d be out of an ice age in a few years. Also nothing could survive.

  17. Barbara Hamaker

    2021, October at 4:34 am

    I stumbled onto Doug Vogt’s YT presentations in December 2018/Jan 2019. At the time everyone was obsessed with the pole shift and watching how fast the magnetic poles were racing away from their “natural” positions. I was obsessively watching Vogt connecting all the dots pointing to the sun being the trigger that toppled all the dominos. “Extinction event” are two words that have taken on new meaning. Since then, given the world-wide attention shift toward world liberation from the cannibalistic Reptilians and their Hollywood/Cabal-Deep State Dem plan to destroy the world economies with the Covid/mask diversion…frankly I don’t think we could take that kind of news at this point in the movie. Better to give humanity time to spend a bit of their money from the financial reset before we tell them that by 2046 the world as we know it is going to be under 4 miles of water that will turn to 4 miles of ice in hours–and oh by the way Australia will be at the Equator when it’s over. OR maybe we just build spaceships and take whatever meager population survives the Covid vaccine genocide poisonings, and move remaining Earthlings to the Moon/Mars and start over. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

  18. neelu_editor

    2021, October at 7:45 pm

    Hi Barbara, thank you for the long comment! – Editrix

  19. Page

    2022, January at 8:38 am

    Your funding comes from the Central Intelligence Agency.
    The Diehold Foundation is correct. Karma will get you for trashing Mr. Vougt. Your nothing but a sell out.

  20. neelu_editor

    2022, January at 7:54 am

    Thanks for the kind words!

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