The Expanse’s Proto-Molecule: Metaphor for COVID Dark Night of the Soul

The proto-molecule, like a virus, neither alive nor dead, neither purely organic nor purely technological, absorbing and transforming humans to its own design, poetically encapsulates the transhumanist geo-political vision ... "The more biomass you feed it, the more it learns."

Happy Dark Winter, humans everywhere!

According to some cynics, we may be in the middle of a global social engineering experiment.

An experiment conducted with a quasi-real sickness, COVID, and a quasi-real virus, SARS2, as a cover story.

"The more biomass you feed it, the more it learns."

On the bright side, maybe it’s all happening “with the best of intentions.”

Maybe the Lockdowns are a necessary testing (er, “simulation” per WHO, GAVI & other such ‘Biomed Deep State’ outlets) of tools against a possibly REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD future pandemic / pathogen, one that actually DOES leave bodies in the streets and takes down say 10% of the exposed, as SARS1 was said to do, or millions, as inflated projections from Neil Ferguson predicted.

From that angle, maybe all these elderly patients sentenced to die with no relatives, no human warmth, surrounded by blue aliens in PPE, all those with mystery long-hauler symptoms, all this economic havoc, might be, would have been, worth it.

Pandemics do happen, with some regularity.

Pandemics can and have dismantled entire civilizations.

(And isn’t it cool how the word Pandemic contains ‘Panic’?)

Pandemics from engineered, tweaked &/or natural pathogens are an inarguably increasing risk in a world of bathroom bio-hacker CRISPR tech, “sacrifice zones”, unstable global power dynamics, and 24 hour air access to the remotest spots on the globe. So maybe all those simulation and gaming exercises, the infamous Event 201s, were all done in good faith. <Cough, cough>.

But pandemics are also a great pretext for suppressing protest movements, driving nations into debt-dependency, migrating economies to digital currencies, and over-riding all those messy and antiquated civil liberties and democratic norms that might impede the smooth advent of some Terran High Command, or whatever.

There are just so many dimensions of, uh, “ontological wobbliness” to it all.

The invidious virus SARS2 might or might not be the result of a zoonotic leap, from a bat or a pangolin or some other critter(s). It might or might not have been the result of Gain of Function research. It might have been a lab-leak from NATO labs or WIV, might or might not have been used by China (or the US, or an unknown Third Party) as a geopolitical stratagem, mostly wasn’t isolated and validated in cell-lines, could have been synthesized in many or all cases from a purely digital genome, seems to coincide with COVID symptom set, which itself doesn’t seem to have any definitive symptom list, for which the majority of “cases” and even deaths are exaggerated, mis-labelled, … tens or hundreds of thousands have died from something, and yet, despite all the murkinesses and unsettled questions, half the world has shut down, trillions of dollars have been doled out by governments, oligarchs see an extra trillion in their ATM, while jobs and small retail and hospitality businesses — and frankly, CULTURE — slaughtered, as many cower in hunger, anxiety, fear, isolation, depression, displacement of fear into self-righteous indignation, desperation.

Next stop, mass psychosis – or maybe we are already there.

Realistically, the initial round of vaccines should have nothing all that nefarious in them — other than under-vetted new tech.

All those cranks freaking out about nanobots or RFID tags in the vaccines, as Eisenstein pointed out in The Conspiracy Myth, may be intuiting something, but ideating a bit prematurely, a bit too darkly, …

…or not…

The Proto-Molecule, like a virus, neither alive nor dead, neither purely organic nor purely technological, absorbing and transforming humans to its own design, the Proto-Molecule poetically encapsulates the trans-humanist geo-political vision coalescing amongst various segments of “the Power Elite.”

(As for false flags, quarantines, corporate malfeasance, the Expanse has all those too…)

Arguably, the “play” at hand may be more about setting up a mandatory vaccination schedule that can eventually deliver other payloads, targeted to subgroups. (Trigger warning, but it has to be said, doesn’t SARSCOV itself behave like a Eugenics Virus?)

The companies and execs that stand to make billions — nah, make it a cool Trillion — may merely be functionaries benefiting from a reformed eugenicist wet-dream. Are there any Sith Dark Overlords standing behind them? Any second or third gen Nazis? Or are they just running on automatic profit-seeking motive, sugar-coated?

The Depopulation / Agenda2030 meme of right-wing ‘alt researchers’ has always seemed amazingly obtuse. Limiting long-term population growth has always been a pillar of post-war thinking, tied to sustainability. What is so outrageous about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, exactly? (OTOH the tight collaboration between UN and WEF, under the aegis of “the Great Reset,” is creepy.) And why would oligarchs undermine the source of their constant financial growth, ever-expanding markets?

Yet, the ability to demographically tailor RNA updates could potentially be used to that end, ie active “culling”. It’s a truly nightmarish vision.

On the other hand, if the mRNA tech is really as elegant and perfect as depicted, gene therapies could equally be used as a bountiful source of treatments for all humanity, freeing everyone from cancer, chronic diseases and extending lifespans universally…

In the maximalist “nightmarish & orwellian” technocratic scenario we’re exploring here, the whole planet will/would be subject to a biomedical net that reaches into bloodstreams and ribosomes (but supposedly not our permanent DNA) — except for the uber-rich, of course, for whom the vaccination schedules will be entirely optional, as they will all have their own dedicated biomed teams and “personalized medicine”.

And of course as we are already seeing in the UK, they will have exemptions to the immunity passports that constrain everybody else’s travel and livelihoods.

Who will do the actual quality control, down the road?

Who will monitor what RNA fragments are actually bundled into specific units of this whole new generation of mRNA vaccines?

Not just in the generic clinical trials for the COVID vaccine (Moderna, BioNtech), but what genetics and additives will be included in future vaccines, once everybody is conditioned to accepting their quarterly (?!?) booster shots, and not worrying about it anymore?

What power-hungry technocrats could not be seeing the possibilities of total social control and a planet of 9 billion guinea pigs to run their trans-humanist experiments on — just like Jules-Pierre Mao’s Protogen Corporation, and the 100,000 denizens of Eros sacrificed by his soul-less contract R&D geeks. Everybody has a justification for their behavior. The Nazis had a justification, and tens of millions went along with them.

Perhaps we need to view the coldly dystopian, covert, aspects of this COVID Lockdown Dark Winter journey as an unavoidable crisis/challenge.

If we can respond to it creatively enough, as a collectivity of free & free-thinking humans, collaboratively & democratically vetting our possible futures and overcoming our ideological silos, we can fashion a “portal” to a Planetary Culture worthy of the name.

(RIP, William Irwin Thompson.)