The Trifecta of High Strangeness: UFOs, (Tek)Gnostics & Psychedelia – New Episodes!

Beatles, UAPs & USOs. SuicideGirls, MKUltra, Panopticons, Plasma Tubes, Sufis of London, Magnetospheric Masers, Orbital Subs, Striding beyond the bounds of Official Reality, where 'conspira-tainment' meets esoteric Truth-Seekers!

Back off, you sleazy Sleestaks! A new Anti-Reptilianz podcast is in town…

NEW “Trifecta of High Strangeness: UFOs, Gnosticism & Psychedelics” with Tek-Gnostics Heresies author Jack Heart

…among a bewildering variety of other obscure & juicy topics for Seekers, including how Mr. Heart & Mr. Twist wound up at Contact in the Desert Conference in 2017 to hear Jacques Vallee, the Master of Ultra-Terrestrial Theory, present his isotopic analyses of “UFO goop,” as followed up in his new book, Trinity, the core of which we briefly summarize, & tips & tricks for Intelligence Engineering, …

NEW Beatles Conspiracies! with music theorist and musical forensic investigator Vinnie Caggiano aka Vincognito.

This turned out to be a free-ranging discussion of the inception and legacy of the 60s, not just some mild riffing on Beatlemania myth & rumor. Yes, Lennon‘s UFO encounter is mentioned, as are Tavistock, Social Engineering, MKUltra, mind-control theory of Lennon’s assassin Mark David Chapman, musicology tidbits, Sufis, Mahatmas, … see the show notes…

NEW Broadcast Theory with Ethan Clark, NOT under the conspiracies banner. A non-CO2 mechanism for anthropogenic-induced climate change.

Past episodes:

Lastly, if you have tolerance for messy Discordian livestreaming experiments, here is the link to our first live panel, with Alayha Aquarian, Dan Ermey, Mike Shields talking over one another & hurling drunken talking points, anecdotes & Netflix show recs.

More episodes coming up include J.C.Couey / GigaOhmBio, Walter Bosley, Greg Bishop, … Stay tuned!

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