Gurdjieff / Bennett

Dark Journalist zigzags between ‘creepy’ #Conspiracy-ish / UFO / DeepState stuff & ‘Mystery Schools’ (Theosophy, Steiner, etc), making the argument you can’t really understand one without the other, that they are interwoven in different ways… maybe he is right.

This video seems a pretty fair narrative / appreciation of Gurdieff & Bennett, & ends on a great note.

Of course people can quibble about Idries Shah (DJ opts for the con-man interpretation here), & the appropriate use, or not, of visionary plant substances (one of the biggest taboos of Gurdjeff Orthodoxy. & in our opinion, just quoting G’s offhand comment that ‘narcotics’ are more associated with ‘Lesser Schools’ doesn’t really cut it as an analysis. Clearly G. was extremely knowledgeable about the use of substances, and Bennett states explicitly in Witness that he used substances (unspecified) in his work with the lesbian ladies in The Rope group. Also Bennett recounts an incident in which G. said, “Take this, do this exercise, and get back to me” (not exact quote). To be expounded upon later…?)

BUT – what about the #RussianAirshipCrew — the ‘Remarkable Men’? Vitvitskaia – Quick Quick across the Skies…?

For a current access point – May 9-12, Duversity seminar w @AnthonyBlake “Movements of the Soul”