#Moebius “40 Days” Hits US, Finalement!

If "Inner Earth" realms actually existed, Moebius would be their chronicler.

Sorry, us Humanoides here at Neelu are shameless devotees of Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, Ze Grande Guru of French adult comix.

For the kidz out there new to Moebius, relevant hashtags include #Dune #Jodorowsky #Incal #Alien #Valerian #HeavyMetal #MetalHurlant #JerryCornelius #FifthElement & more…

Lacking any verifiable proof of the legended “Inner Earth Realms”, we have to content ourselves with a hallucinogenic, phantasmagoric Silk Road Imaginaire, a world that seems to evoke or anticipate Black Rock City (BurningMan), and various other archetypes and dynamics of the inner-quest.

This hardcover re-edition seems too a bit too small of a format to do justice to the images, but this was only available in EU editions previously.

Laid out horizontally, we get to traipse about with more mutated versions of Le Major Grubert from the Airtight Garage series, and his existential encounters with giants, wizards, drones, priests, golems, mysterious trinket sellers?, femme fatales, totems, all set against the backdrop of “Le Desert B”, also visited by the Arzak character.

The “Clear Line” (Ligne Claire) of Monsieur Moebius is eternal. Aho.


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  1. Lazzaro

    2019, December at 4:03 pm

    Great reading my friend. Thanks

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