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(Collective) Displacement: Solve for Y, When X Is Too Tough?

In Freudian psychology, displacement is an unconscious defence mechanism whereby the mind substitutes either a new aim or a new object for goals felt in their original form to be dangerous or unacceptable.

‘NO REGRETS’ — Dis-entagling the Myriad Murky Loopy Interconnex of Soil <-> CO2 <-> H2O <-> Climate

Posting this useful video as a stand-in for a longer review post (or series of posts) about hydrology, soil microbia/ecosystems, and CO2 cycling. An important counterpoint and supplement would be Roger Pielke

The #GreenNewDeal – OTHER reasons why it might be a good idea

Probably, you know for a fact that the 6th Great Extinction is upon us. And industrial GHGs are the cause. Settled science, case closed. The time for debate is over, the time

Cal Canna Open Research Network – 7 Starting Points

Coherent, widest-view hemp-cannabis-CBD regulatory paradigm needed. Currently most approaches in play are haphazard — they come from either a cannaBIZ trade or legalization pov, or a medical/pharma angle, or a farming/industrial hemp pov or a residual prohibitionist stance. And rarely from a “holistic sustainability” perspective…

“Who Wishes to Wield Me?” Sayeth the GREEN Ring of Power

DO-GOODER ENERGY WONKAGE GOES INTO HYPERDRIVE – RE: @AOC’s #GreenNewDeal. But do the Congressional New Mutants Have What It Takes …

Mars Pre-History Arkiv

Preamble to a 2141 lecture by a Martian scholar on the ephemera of the Earth Underground, circa 1918-2019