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May 6-7 #UPTHEDRONE @CorazonTopanga

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Terence McKenna, Lisbon, 1994, on the set of Manual of Evasion LX94, directed by Edgar Pêra. Courtesy of Edgar Pêr

St. Terence’s ‘Psychedelic Compressionism’ (Upcoming Bio)

We induced Terence to wear our original classic Tribal Donut slogan t-shirt, “NO EPISTEMOLOGY WITHOUT PHARMACOLOGY”, once pon a time.

Gnome Not Dead Yet. 60s Dutch Provos / Kabouters Get a History (in English)

PARIS IS BURNING – AGAIN. (In case you hadn’t noticed.) So, quick flashback to 60s Europa. After a decade of agitation & sexy theory journals, the Situationists of Paris helped instigate May

Boot Up the Entheogenic Noosphere!

The ‘corporadelic’ sector is on a tear, raking in hundreds of millions in investments. Psychedelic research nonprofits are spinning out commercial entities. Meanwhile, the more grassroots-y, organic, ceremonial & values-centric quadrants of

GMO’d Phyto-Plankton CleanUp Crews of Tomorrow

Another future industry here. Next branch of #BioSecurityState. Manipulate the base of the biospheric food chain to clean up our toxic wastes. Possibly. To get rid of one problem. Create an even

If It’s so Great, Why Isn’t Regen Ag Everywhere?

Bit of a pitch here from a cool organization, been on their list for some time, wiffle-waffling… Improve soil water & carbon retention! Improve the human gut microbiome! Getchyer used microscope &

Cultural Fugue – Coming to a Home-World Near You?

“Cultural Fugue.” A concept unveiled in Samuel R. Delany’s science fiction novel, STARS IN MY POCKET LIKE GRAINS OF SAND. Slightly relevant to today, perhaps: A condition arising on many planets in

Who Could Be Against Public & Planetary Health?

OCA: If COVID-19, the product of mad science and insatiable greed, has taught us anything, it’s that we must transform our food and farming systems and take control of our health. We must acknowledge and resolve the dietary, environmental, and public health-related comorbidities of our ailing population, strengthen our immune systems to fight off chronic disease and pathogens, and provide special protection for the most vulnerable.

Fractal Genomics across the Cosmos?

Just a fancy schmancy conceptual toy for thinking about complexity across all scales, or is it disprovable?

MKULTRA Greatest Hits: Cracking Open the Vault on 149 Sub-Projects

The CIA got creative with its mad-scientist schemes to manipulate the mind & remotely control sleeper agents. They let the LSD genie out of the Sandoz lamp, then took a hard turn into a dystopian bad trip. Or, that’s what we’re meant to believe!