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Seen & Not Seen @ NYC Rare Book Scene

Counter-culture arkivists unite! You have nothing to lose but your wallets!

Gurdjieff / Bennett

Dark Journalist zigzags between ‘creepy’ #Conspiracy-ish / UFO / DeepState stuff & ‘Mystery Schools’ (Theosophy, Steiner, etc), making the argument you can’t really understand one without the other, that they are interwoven

‘NO REGRETS’ — Dis-entagling the Myriad Murky Loopy Interconnex of Soil <-> CO2 <-> H2O <-> Climate

Posting this useful video as a stand-in for a longer review post (or series of posts) about hydrology, soil microbia/ecosystems, and CO2 cycling. An important counterpoint and supplement would be Roger Pielke

Rue Not the Syrian Rue, for It has Many Virtues

#PharmaHuasca #AyahuascaAnalogues #Harmaline-Harmol-Harmine

Mars Pre-History Arkiv

Preamble to a 2141 lecture by a Martian scholar on the ephemera of the Earth Underground, circa 1918-2019