SARS2 & #Lab – JC Couey Reprises History of the Debate and Past #Gain-of-Function Research

JC Couey, neurobio prof at UPitt, tells the history of Gain of Function research and claims and counter-claims of lab-manipulation of SARS2 virus, and the upshot of it all.

First there was an essay at an obscure blog Harvard to the Big House – then somehow JC Couey’s “JC-on-a-Bike” series popped up on YT, with the charming and innovative format in which the UPitt Prof downloads an entire analysis while biking to and from work, in about 40 minutes, with the camera mounted on his helmet.

That was a charming start, since then JC has continued to critically unpack the endless stream of preprint papers on SARS2/COVID with literal fireside chats, as well as the mainstream media and health experts chronic distortion of underlying research, as it pieces itself together.

Occasionally the Good Prof branches out into addressing masks, HCQ, school lockdown policy, herd immunity, and vaccine hype. But it’s all about bringing it back to “Basic Biology”. What we know, what we don’t know. What is likely. What is farfetched.

Here in these two videos JC retells the debate around possible “Lab-Origin” and Gain of Function Research, Zhengli Shi, Wuhan Institute of Virology, etc.

Many folks may not be aware that a series of further papers have come out in subsequent months, detailing anomalous aspects of the virus’ genome, the likelihood that it was “serially passed through multiple animals” to heighten its infectivity in humans.

The latest update is around the RATG Coronavirus that was associated with injury and death of 6 miners in Mojiang PRC – unreported by the mainstream media as yet.

In JC’s opinion, the lab-leak scenario is in fact the “most probable,” and the “zoonotic jump” the least probable origin story.

Highly worth watching, especially as the fear factor has somewhat subsided, it may make it easier to contemplate that SARS2 was somehow lab-modified and leaked from a lab.