‘Snivilization’ as Collective PTSD

7th Plague

A Solstice Speculation by Neelu Editrix Rydra Wong:

We can’t prove, but there are multiple reasons for suspecting, that Civilization is, in large part, the symptom of a collective Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Possibly, the Big Trauma dates back to a series of planetary cataclysms circa 12,000-15,000 BC.

(Said cataclysms possibly both from asteroid impacts [Hancock] and planetary close encounters & plasma exchanges [Velikovsky / Thunderbolts Project].)

Pure hunch, but probably agriculture & domestication existed before the end of the ice age but was not widespread, and where it did exist, was limited to low river and coastal basins, since covered by sea-level rise.

Nomadic hunter-gatherer peoples took to agriculture en masse because they were devastated and hoped (stupidly?) to ensure food security that way.


We also suspect, but neither can we prove, that wars and technological sophistication may be driven by a ‘biospheric’ need to avoid such cataclysms in the future.

“Gaia” and/or some pronoiac cabal of invisible “Higher Powers” [J.G. Bennett, Gurdjieff] tasked with monitoring Gaia is using us to evolve a planetary defense shield, and possibly to “sporify” and spread life beyond the gravity well [Dorion Sagan, BIOSPHERES].

Those two main hypotheses could be contradictory, or complementary.

What data would disprove such hypotheses?

  • “Snivilization” – title of an album by the UK techno outfit, Orbital.
  • Also see Barbara Hand-Clow’s Catastrophobia, Robert Shoch

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