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Preamble to a 2141 lecture by a Martian scholar on the ephemera of the Earth Underground, circa 1918-2019

Greetings, areophanists assembled.

What an enormous honor it is to be able to share with you this collection of annotated ephemera of the Earth Underground, circa 1918-2019 (with an admittedly sharp bias to the Euro-Atlantics).

Precious, rare, unique …words that barely do it justice.

As Archivist Prima, I give my heartfelt thanks to an anonymous Earth poly-family with a long pedigree in Terran ‘avant-garde’ and ‘radical’ streams for preserving these delicate objects, ever so subject to entropic rigors.

Pulp compresses from surface forestations (in the non-Hemp interval) and non-recyclable inks synthesized for singular use painfully dramatize late 20th century Earth Crisis-of-Emergence, which our scholars here at the Free University have so extensively investigated.

In these artifacts, so clearly trace, can we, evolvumoments, primatic prismatic cultural-kosmologik strands; that of issuance unto our amphi-cheirotic today socio-formation.

We can only light candles to our forebears, bear witness to their journey.

Indeed, the archive provides a poignant illustration of the Temporal Transition.

The true nature of Transition was felt, intuited, enunciated poetically and artistically, but poorly understood, even by many of its formal proponents and “prophets” of the day, who largely led lives outside the societal “mainstream,” if not actively rejected, persecuted. Their sacrifice is our blessing.

Concepts such as “time travel” and “time paradoxes” (ie literal translation forward into a reductively fixed future tangent – a difficult conceit to now grasp, but playing on the then-accepted notions of temporality) were pervasive in Science Fiction Literature and Pop.

“Future Loops,” “Singularity,” “Frequency Shift,” “Temporal Vortices,” “Time-Dancers”, “Time-ships,” and “2012 portal” or “2012 calendrics” represented partial attempts to consciously conceptualize the Transition before its full extent had taken root, while at the same time the unconscious dimension of the mass culture was metabolizing the Greater Solar-Synergic Kinship (then caricatured and ridiculed as “UFOS,” “contactee experience” or “Flying Saucers”.)

Post-multi-valence, multi-species, it is challenging to place oneself in the cognitive frame where such were not understood to be performative teachings preparing surface-dwelling “Homo Sapiens Sapiens” for the Transition.

“Artists are the radar of the future”.

Even in our complexified multi-valent “Now,” the dictum still radiates.

As we can see somewhat more clearly from our present stance, “utopias”, or more precisely, that complex of intimations and instinctual gropings and refusals of mass-enforced trance states loosely then bundled under the term “utopianism” or “radical politics”, were in fact openings to the multi-valent, multi-temporal, multi-species, multi-planetary world we now inhabit …and largely take for granted.

The fixation into various dogmatic, exclusionary ideological postures and competing “Sub-Cults” of those who glimpsed and worked – knowingly or unknowingly– to “Immanentize the Eschaton” was a recurring feature of the epoch.

Also, a pungent background story redounds to the bequest in question.

I enhearten to share this tale soonwards.

–Leili Viridis-Okamba

Alt.Cult Ephemera Arkiv,

Transphormational Anthropologistiks Research Cluster,

Mars Universitet Libre

Delaney Crater,


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