‘NO REGRETS’ — Dis-entagling the Myriad Murky Loopy Interconnex of Soil <-> CO2 <-> H2O <-> Climate

Posting this useful video as a stand-in for a longer review post (or series of posts) about hydrology, soil microbia/ecosystems, and CO2 cycling. An important counterpoint and supplement would be Roger Pielke Sr’s slidedeck on A New Paradigm for Climate and Agriculture. Proper paper version here.

Restoring soils degraded by monocrop ag — with all its synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, depleted microbial/mycorrhizal populations — is a ‘no regrets strategy’ that both mainstream climate activists / #GND and conservatives and more radical eco-activists (who critique aspects of generic climate-policy, ala Cory Morningstar / WrongKindofGreen faction) could converge on.

“No Regrets” means an action is beneficial, even if the bigger claim turns out not to be true. Something we oughta do anyways.