Cultural Fugue – Coming to a Home-World Near You?

Cultural Fugue.”

A concept unveiled in Samuel R. Delany’s science fiction novel, STARS IN MY POCKET LIKE GRAINS OF SAND.

Slightly relevant to today, perhaps:

A condition arising on many planets in the far future, in which conflicts lead to 100% planetary destruction.

Modern day politics (in the novel’s future) are based entirely on two different philosophies for how to avoid Cultural Fugues.

Or, the wiki sayeth:

“The novel takes place in a distant future in which diverse human societies have developed on some 6,000 planets. Many of these worlds are shared with intelligent nonhumans, although only one alien species (the mysterious Xlv) also possesses faster-than-light travel. In an attempt to find a stable defense against the phenomenon known as Cultural Fugue (a process where “socioeconomic pressures [reach] a point of technological recomplication and perturbation where the population completely destroys all life across the planetary surface”), many human worlds have aligned themselves with one of two broad factions: the Sygn, which promotes and celebrates social diversity, and the Family, which promotes adherence to an idealized norm of human relations modeled on the nuclear family.”

Some imaginative video renderings of STARS… courtesy

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