Ethics in Psychedelic Biz

Upcoming webinar Sept 8, presumably free…?

Liana Gilooly is co-developer of the NorthStar Initiative, which appears to be MAPS’ effort to respond to criticisms coming from the psychedelic left (psymposia folk in particular)…

…we have some preliminary crude ‘OpEd’ thoughts on all this, which will show up in another post…

We’re witnessing an electrifying new wave of groundbreaking advancements in psychedelics-based therapies and treatment. As a sector with countless potential applications in the health and wellness industry, this movement carries with it an assortment of commercial opportunities: from medicinal supply chain, to private clinics, to capital investment from every angle.

In the spirit of psychedelic medicine and the holistic qualities at its core, it is vital that the research and treatment applications be protected from the vices of standard corporate practice.

 The North Star pledge has been proposed as an ethical beacon to help maintain compassion and integrity in the development and practice of psychedelic-assisted therapies. In this webinar, we’ll go deep into the ethical responsibilities of the psychedelic therapeutics movement, particularly where it interfaces with business. PsyTech is proud to host an exceptional panel of industry leaders for this important discussion.

via MAPS

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