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Pre-Hyper-Politicized Quasi-Science: Yan Report Part II Opaques Out Complicity of US Players with New Accusation against CCP of “Unrestricted Biowarfare” (Welcome to the 21st Century!)

True, nobody wants to think about COVID as biowarfare. And everyone’s opinion is already set. Here is the new report, FWIW: Thanks to support from Steve Bannon (recently busted for fraud

Civilization as Entropic Giga-Gizmo: Scaled Up Renewables vs Biosphere

“The impacts of a green energy future on biodiversity were not considered in international climate policies.”

Big Chompers Disrupt Plant Management of the Biosphere — New Paper from #BioticPump Theorist Anastassia Makarieva

Posting this paper in the context of a few things: the popularity of the Soil4Carbon group on FB, uniting Global Warming activists with ranchers worried about #Cowspiracy and all those Bovine Ruminant

E.M. Thrivability Band on Gaia?

Weird thought exercise for the day: Visualizing the narrow band of temperature that allows life to thrive – basically -30F to +130F – how ridiculously improbable it is that most of our

Terrors of the Technosphere: Fresh Thinking on Climate

James Dyke, writing at The Technosphere, Our Agency, Our Planet blog*: As defined so far, there appears nothing to stop the technosphere liquidating most of the Earth’s biosphere to satisfy its growth.